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Welcome to Universal Exports of North America's creative consultancy — Dan Shepelavy, proprietor.

I work as a creative director & strategist; I partner with clients on any type of endeavor involving some combination of creative & strategic thinking.  Engagements can run the gamut from simple workshops to comprehensive agency services. 

Essentially, my approach is rooted in understanding the particular relationship between how you think, how you look, & how you work. Strategic thinking must be communicated in a beautiful way to be compelling and memorable. Creative expression should be underpinned by sharp thinking. And both must braid seamlessly with the internal dynamics of organizations in order to be efficient & effective. 

Easy to say, harder to do — but the reward is work that is sharp, smart, efficient, beautiful & effective. If my approach, experience & enthusiasms pique your interest, let’s talk.

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> Available by appointment or by chance.

> I can be reached at front_desk@uniexna.com

> More information on me, Dan Shepelavy, can be found in the about section, above, as well as at shepelavy.com.